Speak French with French Live Conversation

Alongside one-on-one lessons, you will have the option to enroll in French Live Conversation.

These sessions will help you gain confidence in your speaking and comprehension abilities. It will also help you build up the reflexes to speak spontaneously without hesitation. 

Challenge yourself in an informal, stress-free environment. It's real world practice with native French speakers and a great opportunity to become more self-assured in common conversation. 

How It Works

  • One-on-one conversations via Skype
  • Speak with 1 to 2 different native speakers (your conversation guide) over the course of your sessions
  • Flexible to your schedule: home or work, lunch break or evenings; wherever / whenever you are free
  • 1 hour or 30 minutes sessions, depending on your availability (7 days a week)
  • Discuss topics that interest you at your level of French


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Corentin, 19 ans

Centres d'Intérêts : la voile, le rugby, la politique
Profession : étudiant en droit-science politique à l'ICP


Jeanne, 30 ans

Interests: cinema, literature, traveling
Profession: I work in film festivals and shoots

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Examples of Conversation Topics

You will be having spontaneous conversation with your Conversation Guide. They will adapt as you go! Here are a few things you might discuss with them:

  • Your professional experience and jobs
  • Why you're living in Paris
  • Your family
  • Quality of life in Paris
  • Your childhood
  • And more! You will discuss numerous different topics based on your level and interests.