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My French Experience: Talking with Matt

Matt is one of the co-founders of Lost in Frenchlation, an organization that brings French cinema to English speakers in Paris. He founded it with his partner, Manon, (elle est française), while living in Paris so they could finally go to the cinema together - and understand what was going on.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Matt currently lives in London. He comes back to Paris each month - usually for Lost in Frenchlation events. And though he no longer lives in France, he continues to learn French from afar. 



My French Experience: A Drink with Tanisha

This week, we're talking to Tanisha and her experience of learning French over the past two years in Paris while also growing her wine business, Girl Meets Glass

Tanisha is from Chicago, but spent a lot of time living in Washington DC. With Girl Meets Glass, she does wine and spirits tours around the city, along with day trips to Champagne and other wine regions. When she's not doing that, she stays busy writing about wine and teaching a little English on the side. 

Tanisha moved here on a student visa to learn French, but quickly decided to focus on her business. Find out how she stayed motivated to keep learning the language. 




My French Experience: Chatting with Lillian

Today, we'll be talking to Lillian and learning about her French experience with a few questions!

Lillian is originally from Canada, but had the opportunity to live in Paris for 3.5 years. Unfortunately, she recently left for Aberdeen, Scotland, but continues to miss the Parisian life.

She is currently studying for her masters in digital marketing, but spends any free time she gets cooking, exercising and blogging at The Smalls Abroad.

Keep reading for more about Lillian's experience learning French! 



My French Experience: An Interview with Whitney


We'll be asking her a few questions about her experience learning French, why it's important to her, and what's happened along the way.

She moved from California to Paris about 1.5 years ago and has been learning French for the same amount of time.

She stays busy teaching English to French children (helped her learn many kid words), doing freelance marketing work and writing for her own blog, Whitney in Paris.

Read on for more about her experience learning French in Paris!