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Magnifique ! I spoke French haltingly and could read it, but felt very awkward trying to make conversation about anything that mattered. In one hour a day for five days, Monday through Friday, Delphine coached me on the phrases and the subjects the things I most wanted to be able to talk about: society, history and literature. She was a pleasure to converse with, and she tailored her method precisely to my needs. She listened, proposed better and more normal expressions, and wrote and then e-mailed me the scripts.
On our two last days, I wanted to focus on phonetics, and here she not only listened and made me practice certain sounds, she also recorded her voice and mine on the tricky ones — “un, on, en” and “e, è, e´” especially — so that I can replay an practice till I get it closer. She also gave me links to the best Internet sites for this practice.
The improvement was immediately noticeable. On Saturday, after Delphine and I had concluded our 5-day series, I had two separate meetings with French colleagues I had met on an earlier visit, some 2 or 3 years before, and they both noticed how much more easily I could speak with them. I was delighted.
I still have a lot of practice ahead before I can really engage in fast and fluid conversations, but having these scripts prepared by Delphine, around my own thoughts, gives me much to work on.
Merci beaucoup, Delphine ! J’espère vous rencontrer lors d’un prochain séjour à Paris, non seulement pour rafraîchir mon français mais aussi pour revoir une amie aussi charmante.
— Geoffrey, (Spain), 14/04/2019
I came to Paris for three weeks to work on my French while enjoying the city. Working with Delphine made all the difference. She tailored discussions for my level and interests while pushing me just enough past my comfort zone to maximise my learning. Not only did my grammar and conversational level improve, I learned about French culture and the experience helped me to find the confidence to speak more outside of the sessions. I highly recommend Delphine and look forward to spending more time with her during my next trip to Paris.
— Laura, (Canada), 07/09/2018
They say that mastering another a language takes a lifetime, but with Delphine this feat seems much more attainable. Delphine was patient and encouraging but always pushed me to take my skills to the next level. After each session she highlighted my strengths and emphasized my weak points. Over the 2 months Delphine and I worked together, my progress improved exponentially. Investing in My French Coach was one of the best decisions I made over the course of my magnificent year in Paris. Highly recommended for those looking to elevate their French!
— Quintin (US), 18/07/2018
I had a fantastic time learning French from Delphine.
She was thorough and knowledgeable. It was fantastic to be able to learn French in real life settings. I met Delphine the first day I landed in Paris, and was so relieved to have someone show me how to order a coffee at a café.
Merci Delphine!
— Holly (AUS), 03/01/2018
I decided to work with Delphine because of the style of her classes and the focus on conversation. My experience with her over the course of 2 months was phenomenal. She helped me improve my ability so confidently speak French immensely. I enjoyed meeting with her at various cafes in Paris and I appreciated the transcript of our conversations as well as the grammar instruction along the way. Delphine’s style is the perfect match for anyone who wants to focus on conversation. In addition, I loved getting to know her and enjoyed her tips on Paris, French culture, history and the like. Working with Delphine was a highlight of my summer in Paris and I can’t wait to meet with her again the next time I’m in Paris.
— Marissa, US, 02/10/2017
I found My French Coach online, and thought it would be exactly what I needed - a chance to use my limited French and improve my comprehension and oral expression. But classes with Delphine far exceeded my expectations. I met with Delphine every day for a month and I can honestly say my lessons with her were the highlight of my trip to Paris. Delphine is the perfect combination of professional and personable. She planned our classes based on my needs and provided on-the-spot grammar lessons, take-home exercises and listening practice to boost my French to the next level. Learning a foreign language is never easy, but Delphine’s classes were so interesting and enjoyable I couldn’t wait to challenge myself the next day. And I found that my French improved every day - the results were immediate! I especially enjoyed meeting in a different cafe each day, and Delphine always chose cafes that were quiet and full of character. I saw and learned a lot about Paris, thanks to the variety of places we visited and the daily walk after class to learn a little about the neighborhood. Delphine has a passion for the history of Paris and was a wealth of information. I especially appreciated that Delphine wrote a thorough transcript of each class and provided it to me each day. That was invaluable for review and practice. Most importantly, Delphine was always upbeat, approachable and friendly. I felt like I was meeting a friend for coffee every day, all the while improving my French. I would highly recommend Delphine; I know I will continue studying with her if and when I return to Paris!
— Kathryn (US), 12/05/2017
I have loved the French language and culture from the very first day I began studying French at my second- level school in Galway, Ireland over 35 years ago!! To this day, my heart still skips a beat when I hear French being spoken. It was this love of this amazing language that propelled me, 25 years ago, to leave my permanent job and live in Paris for a year. However, despite French classes in school that were rigorous in terms of grammar and vocabulary, I still felt that there was a huge disconnect between my level of read and spoken French.
I am therefore, hugely grateful to Delphine, for opening a door for me into an exciting French experience through her bespoke, carefully structured and fun French classes. I recently spent one week in Paris and I met Delphine every day for one hour, in different cafes, each as beautiful and as interesting as the one before! During our conversations, Delphine kept both a written and audio record of our lessons: she provided precision guidance in relation to the core areas that I needed to work on, through additional phonetic exercises, vocabulary, etc. Each evening, she sent me the written and audio records of our day’s lesson for me to listen to and to note down interesting expressions, idioms etc. She also sent personalised phonetic exercises designed to facilitate my learning needs. This for me, was the secret, the magic, that accelerated my learning to a very high degree. In listening back to our conversations each evening, it sharpened my ear for both vocabulary and for that all important accent! I was able to have conversations with people in shops, restaurants etc completely in French as my accent and my ear for listening had improved so much in a very short time. This was bespoke education at its very best!
I loved meeting Delphine in all the different cafes throughout Paris as it afforded me an opportunity to become familiar with many different parts of this magnificent city. As a teacher, Delphine combines a superb mix of a very high level of professionalism and an extremely warm, wise and encouraging personality.
I am continuing my French lessons through availing of the French Conversation Live experience through Skype, ( a service also offered by myfrenchcoach) which allows me to converse with different people of different ages, etc which provides an excellent focus to, and superb resource for my continuing French adventure!
Thank you so much Delphine for opening that door for me!
Vive La France, vive Delphine!
— Bernadette (Irish), 11/05/2017
Delphine’s classes were amazing. I met with her twice a week for two months during a short stay in Paris. I have been trying to learn French for a while and have had a few tutors in UK however Delphine’s teaching was by far the best. My french speaking and grammar improved significantly in such a short period of time. I felt very shy to speak French when I moved to Paris but Delphine was so motivating and boosted my confidence. Her classes are personalised perfectly to suit the learner regardless of the stage which was great. She teaches very efficiently but in a fun and informal way. Classes felt like just chatting with a friend. You can easily forget that you are actually learning too! Learning points of the classes were summarised at the end and Delphine makes excellent notes throughout the lesson for you to keep. I still refer to them! Great classes. Highly recommended regardless of your level! Merci Delphine! C’était un plaisir de prendre tes cours. Tu es vraiment une excellente coach!
— Sharon (UK), 24/03/2017
My fifteen year old son and I had a great lesson with Delphine this evening. She was kind enough to accommodate our last minute request. Delphine is a wonderful teacher: she has great rapport and was highly attuned to our (different) levels. She took us through formal and informal exercises in French and English, then we made purchases at the oldest boulangerie in Paris! Highly recommended.
— Martin (Australia), 14/01/2017
On a complete whim, I signed up for a 5 day course with Delphine when I was visiting Paris and it was one of the best decisions I made. The location of the classes are flexible and Delphine was kind enough to accommodate my requests - we had classes in non-touristic places as I would go to the touristic sites anyway. Delphine is a great teacher - patient and yet pushing and encouraging you to do more. The whole experience has inspired me to learn the language further. Thanks Delphine!
— Ajai (India), 13/01/2017
I love my lessons with My French Coach..its the best in the world...I thanks Delphine for teaching me and Natasha not only how to be able to speak but also bring up the confidence to practice..I can start conversation and since the first day of our lesson I already start to speak to french people at the Budha Bar Hotel where I stay...the 3rd day we went to VIP room of Louis Vuitton and Delphine is so kind to come with us and help me to practice...Very happy . I am fully recommend this French Coach.......thank you Delphine, my French Professor, very nice person.......GBU dear, see you again ,every time I visit Paris I will take My French Coach course every day..Love from dr Deby and dr Natasha Vinski
— Deby & Natasha (Indonesia), 31/12/2016
I have just finished a five week work assignment in Paris, and had the pleasure of taking five weeks of lessons with Delphine. The format is great. She chooses a different part of Paris for each lesson, and we met in a quiet corner of a cafe there. The lessons were great and had just the right balance of challenge and comfort. Delphine is a very patient and friendly teacher and I quickly felt very comfortable trying out new things. She works some grammar and useful expressions into every lesson, with lots of practice. She downloaded the lesson notes on my USB key at the end of the lesson. We then took a short walk around the area, with an explanation or some interesting things about the area that formed the basis for my explorations on my own after. It was great to see areas of Paris outside of the central city. Lots of interesting and beautiful places. I learned a lot in my time with Delphine! The lessons would be great for anyone at any level. Highly recommended!
— Tom (Canada), 22/10/2016
After 3 years in Paris, I had learnt plenty of grammar but still found speaking very difficult. Classes with Delphine helped me to put the theory into practice. I also enjoyed visiting different cafés around Paris and interesting discussions on history, politics and topical issues. Above all learning French with Delphine has been fun!
— Angela (UK), 18/10/16
My lessons with Delphine were arranged through my work, so I didn’t read any of her former students’ comments/reviews until I had finished my prearranged month of classes and went to her website to write my review. Had I read the comments I saw on the website before meeting with Delphine, I would have thought they had to be fake, as they were all too good to be true. (There was no way she could be the perfect teacher everyone on her website described!) I would have been wrong, of course. Delphine actually was every bit as fantastic as everyone else has commented. She was very patient with me and made each class interesting. On the first day of class, she immediately established a friendly rapport that helped to reduce the stress I felt about putting myself in a position where I knew I was going to make loads of mistakes in front of another person. More importantly, she was obviously very experienced. Out of my long list of grammatical problem areas, she quickly identified which areas needed to be addressed first so the limited number of classes I had would benefit me the most. Delphine used several different textbooks to complete grammar exercises, and her familiarity with all of the texts was evidenced by her ability to move quickly between the books to locate the best exercises for the grammar points needing attention. Moreover, Delphine did all of this while taking perfect class notes, which allowed me to: both hear and see grammar points/vocabulary as they were explained to me; be able to give all of my attention to what she was saying instead of getting distracted by trying to take my own notes; and have a legible and useful study guide at the end of each class. Hands down, for these reasons and many more, Delphine had to be one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Naomi (US), 08/10/2016
What a great teacher! I took a short, daily course with Delphine and it was very useful - she identified the areas that I needed to work on and really made great use of the time we had. She is also lovely, and very patient and good at explaining things! Highly recommended :)
— Sally (UK), 16/06/2016
I first started off with searching to learn French at a school in Paris and I realised that it wasn’t the thing for me because a class is teaching 15 students or 10 max and sometimes the teacher also has no time for you. So I found Delphine’s page and I met up with her first of all the first thing your going to notice about her is that she has a very kind aura and she is very kind she makes you feel at ease which is quite amazing especially when your learning a new language so my first lesson was amazing and I decided from then on to take up classes with her we had lesson for nearly two months and I can speak French with fluency meaning when I go shopping , enter a cab , stores , friends I can speak and I can understand. Also she allows you to practice your writing on the side and she corrects you if you want which is amazing parce que Je sais escrire un peu en Francais. I said because of that I can write a little bit in French which is a bit more harder. Over all I loved lesson with Delphine nothing better than one to one and the location she taught were all amazing. So it’s great!
If you want to learn history of Paris while learning French this is the best course to take and Merci Delphine!!! Bisos
— Lila (Portugal), 09/06/2016
I very much enjoyed Delphine’s classes. She adapts the level and the preferred way of learning in a great way and makes the hours go by fast. Furthermore, she held classes around great cafes in Paris giving a really nice addition to just learning the language. I highly recommend taking classes with Delphine.
— Johan (Sweden), 01/06/2016
Learning languages is not something that comes naturally for me. Fortunately for me, Delphine proved to be a pleasant and capable language instructor who was able to provide courses that were tailored to my learning style. She did this by focusing on topics of interest to me as well as discussing French history and sharing some insight into French customs. Merci beaucoup Delphine.
— Taylor (Canada), 30/03/2016
I have just signed up for another session with Delphine. Her method of teaching is a wonderful coaching lesson on how to use and experience the language in a way that works for me. She introduces new concepts and tenses in meaningful situations. The meeting places are always varied and interesting and Delphine loves to share her passion for history and this beautiful city of Paris
— Jan (Australia), 24/01/2016
I spent 10 months in Paris with the intention of learning French, the city, and about the people. I’d taken language courses at university so I had a basic grasp of grammatical structure and tenses but no experience in conversing with native speakers. Delphine helped me bridge the gap between the classroom and the street, we worked on verbal formulations that most structured courses overlook along with slang words, colloquialisms, and so forth while strengthening my grammatical foundation. Meeting in cafes around the city brought me to a new quarter every week which was a wonderful way to supplement my own wandering. Delphine is a passionate student of Paris and its history so the language lessons often ended with a history lesson, giving context and color to the host neighborhood. I feel that I returned from Paris having much improved my french, having learned a lot of the city, and feeling comfortable with the mannerisms of Parisians; I have Delphine to thank in a big way. Si vous vouliez apprendre Français à Paris, ce que vous devez faire c’est prendre des courses avec My French Coach, sans doubt
— John (US), 06/09/2015
As someone who has had a great deal of experience working as a foreign language instructor and trainer, I can wholeheartedly recommend Delphine’s thoughtful curriculum, well-crafted lessons, and participatory teaching style. I immensely enjoyed her classes each week and was able to make substantive progress in my French communication skills over the summer - I went from only knowing how to say “Bonjour, je voudrais un croissant s’il vous plait!” to being able to have an hour-long basic conversation in French during our final (10th) class. As a language teacher, it is often difficult to reach a good balance between quantity and quality. However, Delphine seems to have a very natural sense for what to teach, how much to teach, and in what order. And, in the rare instances when I needed additional work on a certain phrase or concept after a lesson, she was very willing to accommodate my request and create new practice exercises for me. It was also great to see different parts of Paris with each class! Thank you very much, Delphine!
— Kelly (US), 02/09/2015
My French Coach is fantastic and I absolutely recommend it! Delphine is a great teacher and a wonderful person, I had a great time learning from her. I spent two months working in Paris and my lessons with Delphine absolutely improved my French. I took French in college and have had a few French lessons in New York and undoubtedly, Delphine’s method and lessons were the most beneficial. The lessons were a mix of conversation and grammar and always in a new, exciting setting. Not only did I learn French, but I also learned about new places to go in Paris. I highly recommend taking lessons with Delphine!
— Sydney (US), 10/08/2015
Big thanks to Myfrenchcoach.fr for helping me to get to the next level in French - just received my results from the DELF B2 exam and I passed!!! Woohoo. If anyone is thinking about getting French lessons in Paris, then Delphine is the best language tutor out there. Thank you so much Delphine.
— Gilly (UK), 05/08/2015
My wife and I have taken classes with Delphine (myfrenchcoach) from April to July of the current year. It has been an amazing experience. The possibility of learning in an ever changing Parisian setting has made the course really unique. We could learn the language and get to know parts of Paris that we would have never visited on our own. Delphine is creative and enthusiastic about her classes. She always tried to find the right balance between colloquial and written French, as well as between conversational, reading and grammatical skills. An unforgettable experience. Strongly recommended!!!!
— Daniel (Brazil), 22/07/2015
I highly recommend contacting Delphine if you plan to stay for any amount of time in Paris, and want to make the most of your visit. Delphine worked with my whole family and was supremely patient with us all! Her language classes are perfectly to the point, covering both the basics and the more conversational French that can be so confusing. The audiotapes she uses allow you to practice many times in a lesson, each one adding a layer of complexity and a chance to hear the dialogue in a real time setting. Having her work with you individually is a huge time saver, as she can see exactly where you need help with pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure etc. Her tips for increasing comprehension are tremendously helpful. I was able to take new skills away from each class, and to practice them on my own in the shops and with friends. In addition she weaves into the lessons many interesting historical and architectural facts, so much that we even impressed our French friends with some of the things we learned! She was kind enough to meet with us at various locations, each time showing us a new part of Paris and filling us in on the local history and current events. My son was kept engaged with innovative games designed to help him practice and learn without him even realizing it! Working with her was the best decision we made for our time in Paris!
— Shannon (US), 30/04/2015
I would highly recommend Delphine to anyone wanting to learn french. She’s been fantastic throughout my course, always accommodating my hectic work schedule, and she’s truly customising her classes to suit her clients’ needs and learning preferences. Can not thank her enough for everything she’s taught me, including her incredible knowledge of parisian history!
— Helle (UK), 25/02/2015


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